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This document is for information purposes only. The content of the document is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice, offer or invitation to sell shares or securities in CDC and its related companies. Such solicitation must be conducted in the form of a confidential memorandum and must comply with the relevant securities laws and other laws. The contents of this document must not be construed as forcing participation in the interchange. Nothing related to this White Paper should be construed as participation in the exchange, including requesting a copy of this white paper or sharing this white paper with others. Participation in the swap represents that the participant has reached the age standard and has full civil capacity. The contract with CDC is real and effective. All participants voluntarily signed the contract and made a clear and necessary understanding of the CDC before signing the contract. The CDC team will continue to make reasonable attempts to ensure that the information in this white paper is true and accurate. During the development process, the platform may be updated, including but not limited to platform mechanisms, tokens and their mechanisms, and the distribution of tokens. Some of the contents of the document may be adjusted in the new white paper as the project progresses. The team will publish the updated content by posting an announcement or a new white paper on the website. Participants are requested to obtain the latest version of the white paper in a timely manner and make timely adjustments based on the updated content. The CDC expressly states that it will not be liable for losses incurred by the participants due to (i) reliance on the contents of this document, (ii) inaccuracies in the information in this document, and (iii) any conduct resulting from this document. The team will spare no effort to achieve the goals mentioned in the document, but based on the existence of force majeure, the team can not fully make a commitment. 


The CDC is an important tool for platform performance and is not an investment product. The possession of the CDC does not grant its owner ownership, control, or decision-making power over the CDC platform. The CDC as a digital cryptocurrency does not fall into the following categories: (a) any kind of currency; (b) securities; (c) equity of legal entities; (d) stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, certificates or other grants Any rights to the instrument.


The value-added of the CDC depends on the laws of the market and the needs after the application. It may not have any value. The team will not make any commitment to its value-added, and will not be responsible for the consequences of its increase or decrease in value. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the team shall not be liable for damages and risks arising from participation in the interchange, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damage, loss of commercial profits, loss of business information, or any other economic loss. responsibility. The CDC platform complies with any regulatory regulations and industry self-regulations that are conducive to the healthy development of the swap industry. Participant participation means that the representative will fully accept and comply with such inspections. At the same time, all information disclosed by the participants to complete such inspections must be complete and accurate. The CDC platform clearly communicated possible risks to the participants. Once the participants participate in the exchange, they have confirmed their understanding and acknowledged the terms and conditions in the detailed rules. They accept the potential risks of the platform at their own risk.

Risk Warning

For the application scenario and R&D planning of the CDC project, a number of risk factors need to be emphasized and valued in the R&D process so as to achieve the construction goal more quickly and better. The CDC team listed the most important R&D related risks as follows, prompting all parties in the community to pay attention and prevent them in the actual implementation process.


Policy risks At present, the regulatory policies of some countries for blockchain projects are not yet clear, and there is a certain possibility that the participation of developers may be lost due to policy reasons.


Team risks The rapid development of the current blockchain innovation field has many projects, R&D personnel are very scarce, and the competition for talents in various projects is fierce. Whether the CDC project can break through many outstanding projects and is recognized by R&D talents is not only related to the original team’s own capabilities and vision planning, but also affected by many competitors in the market and even oligarchs. There may be vicious competition between them. The founding team of CDC is based on years of accumulated contacts in the industry and has gathered a team of talents with both vitality and strength. It has attracted senior practitioners in the blockchain field and experienced technical developers. The stability and cohesion within the team are critical to the overall development of the CDC. In the future development, it is not ruled out that there is a possibility that the core personnel will leave and the team internal conflicts will cause the CDC as a whole to be negatively affected. In addition, the current R&D team size is insufficient to support the CDC project to complete the overall construction goals. It is necessary to continue to attract talents and expand the team in the form of community DAO in the later period.


The Co-ordinated Risk

 CDC founding team will make every effort to achieve the development goals set out in the White Paper and extend the project’s growth potential. At present, the CDC team has relatively mature commercial accumulation. However, given the unpredictable factors in the overall development trend of the industry, this white paper may be adjusted as project details are updated. If the details of the project update are not timely obtained or accepted by the participating developers, The subsequent development of the project will be affected.


Technical Risk

This project is based on cryptographic algorithms. The rapid development of cryptography will inevitably bring potential risks. Secondly, based on the existing decentralization of blockchain, arbitrarily falsification and other technologies supporting the core business Development, there is a CDC team can not fully guarantee the full application of science and technology; Third, in the process of project updates and adjustments, there may be loopholes exist, need to be patched through the pipeline to make up for, but can not guarantee the degree of vulnerability.